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  1. What would your ideal meet-cute be like? And how did you actually meet?
  • Our ideal meet-cute would probably involve a spontaneous encounter at a music festival, where the vibes are electric, and we're both dancing to our favorite tunes. As for how we actually met, it was through common friends, and we got to know each other gradually. There was no grand, cinematic moment, but our connection grew organically over time.In reality, we met through friends and started as acquaintances, but as we got to know each other better, our connection deepened. Love doesn't always follow a script, but it's beautiful in its own unique way.


  1. What is the one thing you both have in common?
  • One thing we both have in common is our passion for creativity and the arts. Whether it's acting, filmmaking, or music, we both share a deep love for the world of entertainment. we're both driven by our creative spirits, and it's something that brings us closer and strengthens our connection.


  1. What is your idea of a good date night?
  • A good date night for us usually involves a cozy dinner at home with some of our favorite dishes, followed by a movie or series marathon. We enjoy the simple moments, great food, and each other's company.It's all about being together, relaxing, and just enjoying the time we have with each other. Whether it's a home-cooked meal or dining out, as long as we're together, it's a perfect date night for us.



  1.  How would you both describe each other?


  • Farhan Akhtar: "Shibani is a wonderful blend of creativity, strength, and positivity. She's incredibly talented, and her energy is infectious. She brings so much joy and balance to my life."


  • Shibani Akhtar: "Farhan is a true artist and an amazing human being. He's incredibly talented, compassionate, and a wonderful partner. He fills my life with love, creativity, and inspiration."


  1. You both have had multi hyphenate careers. Which is the role you like playing most?


  • Farhan Akhtar: "I've been fortunate to explore various facets of the entertainment industry, be it acting, directing, or music. It's challenging to pick a favorite because each role has its own unique charm. However, if I had to choose, I'd say that acting has a special place in my heart. It allows me to dive into diverse characters and stories, which is incredibly fulfilling."


  • Shibani Akhtar: "For me, being a host and a model have been incredible experiences. I love connecting with the audience, engaging in live interactions, and bringing a sense of energy to the stage. While I thoroughly enjoy all my pursuits, hosting and modeling have a special place in my career."


  1. How would you describe your personal style?
  • Farhan Akhtar: "My personal style is all about comfort and versatility. I like to keep it simple yet elegant. Whether it's a casual day out or a red carpet event, I believe in wearing clothes that make me feel confident and reflect my personality. Classic pieces with a modern twist are my go-to choices."


  • Shibani Akhtar: "For me, personal style is a way to express myself and stay true to who I am. I love experimenting with fashion and have a bit of a bohemian, free-spirited vibe. I'm drawn to unique and eclectic pieces, and I believe in embracing individuality in fashion. It's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and having fun with your look."


  1. Does online trolling affect you? How do you deal with it?
  • Farhan Akhtar: There was a time it was tough and mattered, but now it doesnt. Im not on social media to seek validation, I’m there to share the joy of what I love doing & share aspects of my work. If that can bring a smile to someone’s face, that's enough.


Shibani Akhtar: Absolutely, it can be tough, but we choose to rise above it. We believe in the power of kindness and try to block out the negativity. We also make use of privacy settings and report any extreme cases of harassment. Our focus remains on our work and our genuine connections with our audience, who have been incredibly supportive. In the end, love and positivity always outweigh the hate.


  1. What does your fitness routine look like?
  • Farhan Akhtar: My fitness routine is a combination of regular workouts and a balanced diet. I believe in staying active and enjoy a mix of cardio, strength training, and functional exercises. I also practice yoga and meditation for mental well-being.


  • Shibani Akhtar: I share Farhan's passion for fitness, and our routines often overlap. We work out together whenever possible, which makes it more fun and motivating. We focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes clean eating and staying active throughout the day. It's all about balance and consistency for us.


  1. One travel destination you both love and why?


  • Farhan : I am mesmerized by the serene beauty of the Maldives. It's a place where we can truly unwind and connect with nature. The clear blue waters, overwater bungalows, and vibrant marine life make it a paradise for us. It's the perfect destination to relax and create lasting memories together. It's a place of tranquility and natural beauty that resonates with us. The sunsets are breathtaking, and the underwater world is captivating. It's a place that allows us to disconnect and find peace in each other's company


  • Shibani : I adore the tranquility of Santorini. The stunning views, charming villages, and romantic sunsets make it a perfect getaway.


  1. Which cuisine do you like to cook for each other?


  • Farhan : I have to say that I absolutely love cooking Italian dishes for Shibani. There's something about the flavors and aromas of Italian cuisine and it's a great way to bond over a delicious meal. Apart from Italian, I also savor Indian cuisine and it's a way for me to connect with our heritage. So, it's a mix of both worlds in our kitchen!
  • Shibani : I love preparing a mix of healthy and indulgent dishes. From vibrant salads to decadent desserts, it's all about balance in the kitchen



  1. Your advice to the youth?
  • "Embrace your passions and dreams with unwavering determination. Stay true to yourself, work hard, and never stop learning. In a world full of noise, trust your instincts and don't be afraid to take risks. Be kind, compassionate, and use your voice for positive change. Remember, your journey is unique, and success is a result of persistence and resilience. Keep moving forward, and don't forget to enjoy the ride along the way. The future is yours to shape, so make it count."


  1. One thing you’d like to tell your younger self?


  • Farhan Akhtar: "Hey younger Farhan, don't be afraid to take risks and follow your passion. Life's too short to settle for the ordinary."


Shibani Akhtar: "Dear younger Shibani, embrace your uniqueness and be unapologetically yourself. It's your authenticity that makes you truly beautiful."


  1. Why did you choose to collaborate with the brand? What qualities do you look for when endorsing brands?


  • Farhan Akhtar: I am delighted to be associated with Nu Republic®, a brand that shares my passion for music and innovation. Nu Republic’s commitment to transforming wear-tech into a medium of self-expression aligns perfectly with my thoughts. I look forward to collaborating with Nu Republic® as it blends the boundaries of music, technology, fashion and culture.


  • Shibani Akhtar: As the brand ambassador for an edgy, cool brand like Nu Republic®, I'm honored to play a part in democratizing fashion, beyond the ramps, into everyday life. These wear-tech products go beyond the regular technology specs reshaping the landscape of fashion and style for all.


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