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“I am delighted to be associated with Nu Republic®, a brand that shares my passion for music and innovation. Nu Republic’s commitment to transforming wear tech into a medium of self expression aligns perfectly with my thoughts. I look forward to collaborating with Nu Republic® as it blends the boundaries of music, technology, fashion and culture.”

~ Farhan Akhtar

“Being a part of Nu Republic® is truly exciting. We look forward to collaborating with Nu Republic® and inspiring individuals to embrace technology as an extension of their individuality.”

~ Shibani Akhtar

"We are honored to have Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar join us as brand ambassadors for Nu Republic®. Their disruptive mindset, creative brilliance, and their dedication to making a difference, align perfectly with our brand's values”

~Ujjwal Sarin (Founder & CEO, Nu Republic)

About us

Establishing a Nu Code of Cool

Nu Republic® proudly announces its association with the dynamic power couple, Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar.

In this ground-breaking collaboration, Farhan and Shibani will be the ambassadors of Nu Republic® - a brand that shares their unwavering commitment towards disruption and innovation.

At Nu Republic® we are on a mission to challenge the monocolour world of wear-tech, challenge the status quo and establish wear-tech as a fashion accessory, a form of self-expression.

About Us

Superior design & craftsmanship

A flag-bearer of innovation, we at Nu Republic® are committed to build products as a mode of self expression - gadgets which accessorize our fans - the #citizensofnurepublic. Our products are expressive, innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the funkiest in their category.

“Unlike conventional tech brands, Nu Republic places equal emphasis on both form and function, ensuring that its products not only deliver exceptional performance but also make a bold fashion statement.”
“Creed Max Smartwatch Posh Edition is designed to redefine limits, featuring a sturdy 1.43″ HD IPS display and a case that integrates a glass-finished back, providing a secure grip ideal for intense sports activities.”
"As the brand ambassador for an edgy, cool brand like Nu Republic, these wear-tech products go beyond the regular technology specs reshaping the landscape of fashion and style for all." ~ Excerpt from Farhan Akthar & Shibani Dandekar's interview
The brand challenges the idea of electronic wear-tech as mere utilitarian gadgets. It believes that tech products should be stylish and fashionable, not merely functional. This is the conviction for product development process and over the years the brand has launched many funky products.
Understanding this next gen of listeners who want their tech to speak for them, Nu Republic emerges as home-grown, Indian lifestyle technology brand in the fast-moving consumer electronics space.
Nu Republic onboards power couple Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar as brand ambassadors - establishes the #NuCodeofCool. Nu Republic challenges the idea of electronic wear-tech as mere utilitarian gadgets.

Fans of the Republic

Whether indoors or outdoors, sonicpop 50 is perfect for all those music jams you're dying to groove to!

Fans of the Republic

Ngl I haven’t seen or used a pair of earbuds like these before. Transform-X has to be the most unique looking earbuds ever. And the bass…OMG. 10/10 would buy them again.

Fans of the Republic

Earbuds are lightweight and sound quality is excellent. Worth the money and the rgb feature is really eye catcher. Have a great battery backup as well. Truly loved this product.


We launched Starboy Gold which combined studio quality sound with an ergonomic design that’s sleek and stylish


We partnered with Nikon to ship millions of Starboy 3 headphones across India which sported a X-Bass™ switch for bass junkies


We launched an entire range of best-selling true wireless earbuds like Rush X2, Anthem X4 and Rouserbuds 2 - the first earbuds with LED lights


We were the first to democratize wearable technology by introducing the coolest designs to accentuate your style


Combining funky style with unmatched class, Epic is the latest kid on the block to redefine your style and listening experience

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