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X-Bass® Technology

X-Bass® is Nu Republic’s proprietary technology carefully crafted for citizens of the Republic. It is designed to make you feel every beat of the music as it reverbs within you, giving you goosebumps that will make you addicted to the sounds forever.

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Partybox 240

presenting Nu Republic Partybox 240. eye catching, bass thumping packed with powerful loudness that’s stylish enough for any room.

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The Nu Republic Partybox 240 is a compelling option for anyone in search of arobust and versatile wireless soundbar. Priced attractively at INR 1,849, this deviceoffers a combination of powerful audio performance, extended playback time.
 Sonicpop® 1200, Sonicpop® 160, and the Sonicpop® 50 stands out with features like immersive sound experience powered by X-Bass® technology, head turning LED lights, extreme portability and a top notch build quality.
Nu Republic® cranks up the volume with the Partybox 240 wireless soundbar - where vibrant LED lights combine with unmatched sound, blending style and performance like never before!