Cyberstud SPIN 360° Fidget Spinner Earbuds

The Cyberstud SPIN  introduces an innovative 360° fidget-spinner case, seamlessly blending entertainment and functionality. Satisfy restless hands during intense gaming sessions or moments of focus with this unique feature.

India’s First Ever Fidget Spinner Cyberstud SPIN 360° Earbud by Nu Republic®, this revolutionary audio accessory redefines the landscape of earbuds in India, offering an experience that’s both immersive and innovative. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you explore the key features and unique selling points of this remarkable device.

Cyberstud SPIN 360° Fidget Spinner Earbud

  • Positioned as India’s first 360-degree fidget spinner earbuds, marking a revolutionary shift in audio accessory technology in the country.
  • Continued commitment to introduce stylish and groundbreaking audio experiences by Nu Republic creating its own unique identity
  • With sensory satisfaction of swoosh-katana sound and extended playtime, the Cyberstud SPIN  delivers an unparalleled gaming and entertainment experience, captivating users with its immersive audio capabilities.
  • Catering to tech-savvy individuals, gamers, music enthusiasts, and trendsetters alike, the Cyberstud SPIN  positions itself as the ultimate companion for those who seek innovation, style, and exceptional performance.


  • Fidget Experience – 360° Fidget-Spinner Case
  • Stylish Case Design – Stylish Earbud Case with Metal gliders that make swoosh sound

Product KSP

  • Long Playtime: Up to 70 hours of uninterrupted entertainment on a single charge
  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation (ENC) Mode: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio, minimizing external distractions.
  • Dual Mode: Perfect for Gamers and Music Enthusiasts


  • Revolutionary 360° Fidget-Spinner Case: The Cyberstud SPIN  introduces an innovative 360° fidget-spinner case, seamlessly blending entertainment and functionality. Satisfy restless hands during intense gaming sessions or moments of focus with this unique feature.


  • Stylish Case with Swoosh Sound: Elevate your gaming setup with the Cyberstud SPIN  stylish case featuring metal gliders that emit a satisfying swoosh sound with each spin. Not only does this add a tactile and auditory dimension to your fidgeting experience, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the earbud, making it a statement piece in your collection.


  • Extended Playtime for Uninterrupted Entertainment: With up to 70 hours of playtime on a single charge, the Cyberstud SPIN  ensures uninterrupted gaming and music sessions, providing users with long-lasting entertainment without the need for frequent recharging.


  • Immersive Audio Experience: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio with Enhanced Noise Cancellation (ENC) Mode and X-Bass® Technology. Enjoy deep, rich bass that enhances every beat and explosion in your favorite games and music tracks.


Product Specs :

– 360° fidget-spinner case

– Stylish Red Case with Swoosh Sound Metal Gliders

– 70 hours* playtime

– 310 hours of stand-by time

– Enhanced Noise Cancellation (ENC) mode

– X-Bass® technology for enhanced sound

– Smooth Touch Controls

– 40ms low latency

– Dual Mode (Game/Music)

– Splash and Sweat Resistance


Price: The Cyberstud SPIN is available at a best buy price of INR 2499.


With its blend of innovative features, immersive audio experience, and playful design, the Cyberstud SPIN  360° Fidget Spinner Earbud is a must-have accessory for tech enthusiasts, gamers, and music lovers alike. Elevate your entertainment experience with a gadget that’s as fidgety as your mind.

*Note: Playtime may vary based on usage and settings.

The Brand 

  • Nu Republic®  is an Indian wear-tech brand. Established in 2018, we’ve become a trusted brand with over 10 million products sold, ensuring quality and reliability. With sales  exceeding 10,000 units, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our community of 350,000+ online followers is shaping our journey with over 1 million reviews and ratings.
  •  Our diverse range of products, including true wireless earbuds, headphones, speakers, smartwatches, and charging solutions, are designed to accessorize our fans and add a touch of personality to their everyday tech.


  • Founded at the intersection of music, fashion, technology and creative culture, Nu Republic® creates wireless audio products, true wireless earbuds, headphones, speakers and wearables for disruptors and pioneers who define the #nucodeofcool.


  • Collaboration with Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar encapsulates our brand philosophy, the #NuCodeOfCool. .


  • With a strong foundation in India and expanding presence in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the UAE, our global ambitions are at the forefront of our strategic goals.



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