Partybox 200

RGB lights | 20W RMS Output | 52 dynamic drivers | X-Bass® Technology | 16 Hrs* Playtime | TWS pairing

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Partybox 200

mirco Charging Cable

About Partybox 200

Partybox 200 is eye-catching, bass thumping and packed with powerful loudness that’s stylish enough for any room

Partybox 200
Partybox 200 Sale price₹1,849 Regular price₹4,999

partybox 200 Wireless Speaker


67.5 (W) X 38.2 (L) X 6.36 (H) mm


52mm Dynamic





Partybox 200

Vibrant RGB Lights

Speaker with dynamic RGB lighting for immersive audiovisual experiences

Powerful 20W Sound

With a staggering20W power output, partybox 200 will power through all your parties effortlessly

True Wireless Stereo Pairing

Two speakers sync wirelessly to create stereo sound, offering immersive audio experiences without cables or constraints.


hours* palytime

Get your parties grooving non-stop through the night without stopping, thanks to the long battery life


dynamic drivers

52mm drivers coupled with X-Bass® technology make you feel the thumping power of the bass