Onboarding Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar as brand ambassadors

Onboarding Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar as brand ambassadors

Experience Fashion-Tech Finesse: Nu Republic® 's Electrifying TVC Launch with Farhan and Shibani Akhtar!


New Delhi [India], [Date]: Nu Republic®,a trailblazing Indian lifestyle technology brand renowned for its disruptive “wear-tech” products, has launched its TVC today, featuring the dynamic duo, Farhan and Shibani Akhtar. This significant achievement marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Nu Republic®,  one that promises to wow music enthusiasts with its ground-breaking audio innovations to raise the bar of cool.

 Nu Republic®, is known for its funky fusion of fashion and wear tech which goes beyond functionality, recently, it embodied its brand philosophy -  the #NuCodeOfCool in its latest campaign with Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Akhtar, capturing the brand's essence and calling out  its fans -  #citizensofnurepublic to embrace their unique style and statement. Transform-X, the TVC's flagship product, represents Nu Republic®'s commitment to offering cutting-edge audio experience.

 'Nu Republic® is leveling up with our new TVC featuring Shibani and Farhan Akhtar. Our vibe is all about embracing individuality and breaking limits, and this campaign totally vibes with that. We're not just dropping cool wear tech products; we're setting the #nucodeofcool. Nu Republic® is all about owning your style, and this TVC is just the start of our mission to redefine how we groove to our own beats!' - Ujjwal Sarin, Founder, Nu Republic®

 As Farhan and Shibani Akhtar dazzle the screen in this latest TVC with their undeniable charm, their final call out in the video- 'You Have to Have to Have them' infuses the scene with a dynamic energy, illuminating the irresistible appeal of Nu Republic® 's cool wear-tech products.

 Nu Republic®'s TVC launch has garnered a strong online presence like wildfire across all social media platforms where #nucodeofcool is the most-talked about buzzword. Through this TVC featuring Shibani and Farhan Akhtar, Nu Republic® aims to unleash fashion and music through its wide range of TWS, speakers, smartwatches and wrist watches.

 Farhan Akhtar added “Nu Republic ® ️ is on a mission to reimagine the monochromatic world of wear-tech, and be the go to brand for bass lovers, disruptors & pioneers - who “wear” this tech as a mode of self-expression. I’m excited to partner with Nu Republic®️ as it establishes the #NuCodeofCool”

 “I love how Nu Republic®️ has made it a mission to break through the clutter and establish a #NuCodeofCool. Wireless Technology is part of everyday lives and it has to reflect our sense of fashion and style.. Nu Republic®️ is taking a bold step forward in democratizing wear-tech as a form of self-expression and I am delighted to partner with them on this journey.” Shibani Akhtar quoted.

Discover the spirit of #NuCodeOfCool, where style has no bounds and Nu Republic® continues to march on its own tune of inclusion without losing  your individuality.

About Nu Republic®:

Nu Republic®  is an Indian wear-tech brand. Their product portfolio comprises personal audio devices, true wireless earbuds, speakers, smartwatches, and charging solutions. They are on a mission to reimagine the drab world of electronics. A flag-bearer of innovation, They at Nu Republic® are committed to build products as a mode of self-expression - gadgets which accessorize their fans - the #citizensofnurepublic. Their products are expressive, innovative, beautifully crafted, and quite literally the funkiest in their category. They’re busy planting Nu Republic’s flag at the crossroads of music, fashion & wearable-tech to emerge as a go-to brand for the next-gen.

Nu Republic® is promoted by NuWorld Retail Private Limited  - privately held company based in Gurgaon, Haryana. They’re products are available through a variety of distribution channels across India. #TheNuCodeofCool



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